God of the Kitchen

Author: Jon Tribble

Paperback: 100 pages

Publisher: Glass Lyre Press (February 18, 2018)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1941783457

ISBN-13: 978-1941783450

Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.2 x 9 inches

Shipping Weight: 5.6 ounces

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“In his stunning third collection, God of the Kitchen, poet Jon Tribble creates an unflinching account of his first job–and an unsettling portrait of an Americana that exists under the ever-watchful eye of Colonel Sanders. These insistent, unsentimental poems grunt and heave  with the bone-deep exhaustion of real work, detailing the perils of an adolescence performed in a uniform of grease and flour and sweat. At once elegy and critique, interrogation and ode, this book is dense, dazzling, and utterly necessary, revealing again and again what it means to be a body expendable, a cog in the larger machine that is Corporate America, and how the scars from such an experience linger long after the final paycheck is spent.”

Stacey Lynn Brown, author of Cradlesong


“By ruthless candor, a blend of compassionate humor and seriousness, great lyrical skill, and a Whitmanesque appetite to get as much life as possible onto every page, Jon Tribble, in God of the Kitchen, has made an essential American coming of age book.  No small part of the book’s charm obtains because the individual poems are both edgy and playful. No poem is forced and, as befits a poetry about honest labor, each sets a defined task. But Tribble is not just writing a memoir of a gifted teenager working at Kentucky Fried Chicken, but rendering the dream and hypocrisy of our corporate ethos. His Colonel Sanders is Gatsby, Lear, and revelater.  Look for America, and you will find it in this book. God of the Kitchen is a triumph”

Rodney Jones, author of Village Prodigies


“Jon Tribble transmogrifies the American god Colonel Harland Sanders—granting employment, identity, history, and eleven herbs and spices into “the kiss that once in the mouth new lovers/ hunger for again and again without shame.” In God of the Kitchen, Tribble’s prose-flavored-language sifts our consciousness of how the past and the present own the same cells—a straight line of memory tethered to the chicken-fried world of laments, wit, the burns/ scars of Arkansas. Tribble’s voice arcs the voltage of adolescent-awkwardness with the mire of place, hope, sweat, chicken, flour, and grease. His poems transcend old dangers—the laughter of who we reckoned we’d become, and the “shadow of vengeance that will have us as its rightful/ meal.”

Curtis L. Crisler, author of THe GReY aLBuM [PoeMS]


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