Year Name of Magazine Poems
2018 MockingHeart Review Spellbound & 2 others
2017 The Blue Mountain Review Adultery Chicken (chapbook)
2017 Vox Populi 38,000,000 Reasons
Missionary Barrel
Anubis Online
2016 The Blue Mountain Review Pursuit of Happiness & others
2016 The Blue Mountain Review How Home Hones Us section & 5 others
2016 The Whale The Voice Outside & 2 others
2015 Vox Populi Ball and Pivot
2015 museum of Americana mister hooker & 3 others
2015 Ghost Town Driver’s School & another
2015 Atticus Review Wings of Skin
Famous Hot Gravy
God of the Kitchen
Chicken Dance
2014 Levure littéraire Montage for Langston
2014 Dublin Poetry Review Amateur Night at the Prime Tyme
2013 The Account In the Hall of the Mountain King &  Risen
2013 A Poetry Congeries from Connotation Press Spirit Currency & 2 others
2013 storySouth The End of the World
The Day After Elvis Died
Up and Down Wye Mountain
An Interview with Jon Tribble by Jessica Plante
2011 Prime Number Magazine Midnight Rainbows from Devil’s Kitchen & 2 others
2001 Campbell Corner Poetry Prize Endtimers & 2 others
2001 In Defense of Poetry A Letter from Jon C. Tribble to Susan Guma
Campbell Corner Language Exchange The General History of the Air, Defined and Begun
1989 POETRY Fathers